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Basic Sexuality Groups for Women

The focus of the basic group is your sexual relationship with yourself. We are all sexual whether we are alone on a desert island or in bed with a loved partner. 

Living in an ever stimulating digital world our sense of groundedness and contactability can be compromised.  One layer of learning this group offers is how to ground yourself and be in self contact as the basis for shaping contact with others.

In this group, we look at our own sexuality, how we own, explore and take responsibility for it, how we see and recognise ourselves as sexual beings. This group provides participants with a basic sexual vocabulary: verbally, conceptually and experientially through the use of simple breathing and movement exercises, discussions, homework and group structures.

When doing the basic group, participants may find spending time with themselves in the homeworks both challenging and difficult, which often turns into a real appreciation of the importance of taking responsibility for their own needs. This is a single gender group and is limited to ten participants. Each participant must be prepared to attend all sessions and do an hour’s homework each day for the duration of the group.

The workshop leader is Lora Wignall.

Dates 2018

Eight Tuesday evenings, May 8 - June 26, 6-9pm, and one Saturday, May 12, 10am-5pm, 2018. 

The fee for the course is £470.

To book on this workshop please send your cheque payable to Lora Wignall at the Spectrum office.



Download a PDF about basic sexuality groups for women
Basic Sexuality Groups for Women