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Anger in the Therapy Room - A Three-Day Training for Professionals

This training offers a panoramic view of Spectrum’s approach to working with anger with a particular invitation to therapists from other organisations, and is recommended for counsellors and therapists who have a clinical practice in individual or group work or who may be working in residential care situations. 

The first day will involve sharing at a personal level to clarify our relationship to our own experience of anger and to raise awareness of the many facets and manifestations of this particularly charged issue. We shall look at the effects of anger both on ourselves and others as well as how to deal with anger within relationships in general. This day is important in helping to ground and make sense of some of the personal fears and internalised messages we carry that influence our interventions or lack of them when practising.

On the second and third days, we will explore a wide range of methods of working with anger. These will include deciding factors and techniques for supporting and inhibiting anger, different ways of working with old and contemporary anger, drawing and writing exercises for working through anger, transformation and creative use of anger, anger as a resource, anger rituals, use of imagistic techniques with anger, somatic techniques for increasing control of anger and a variety of interventions for responses when clients are angry. 

The course leader is Maggie McKenzie

Please register your interest with the Spectrum office.  

Anger in the Therapy Room - A Three-Day Training for Professionals