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Action Techniques in Therapy - Working With Transference and Counter-Transference

Action techniques in therapy is a four-theme programme which includes guided visualisation, transference and counter- transference, working with the body, and restructuring experience. Each year one of these themes is presented.  The programme highlights the use of the self as well as teaching practical and systematice approaches to therapy and is designed so that, while the material builds on the previous year's work, each group can be taken separately.

Working with transference and counter-transference

The aim of this workshop is to develop participants' awareness of the many different communication styles and experiences by which clients attempt to make a connection and organise a relationship with therapists.  Participants will explore their own responses to such styles and consider how they communicate these responses which define the quality of the therapeutic relationship and ultimately its value.

The workshop offers different perspectives on transference and counter-transference and time to experience the dynamics through practice sessions and discussions.

The course leader is Maggie McKenzie.

Dates, times and fees for 2018

Monday, July 16 - Thursday, July 19, 9.30am-4pm, daily, 2018. The cost of the workshop is £520.

If you are interested in booking onto this workshop please either send a cheque payable to Maggie McKenzie to the Spectrum office or contact the office for online information to book.

Download a PDF about action techniques in therapy
Action Techniques in Therapy - Working With Transference and Counter-Transference