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About Spectrum

We are a psychotherapy practice and training organisation in London. The organisation is comprised of psychotherapeutic and health practitioners.

We are a group of twenty-five therapists who all have private practices and work together to make the theory and practise of psychotherapy accessible to the interested public and our wider professional community. On our website individuals, couples, families and groups can find out about engaging in therapy and read about us and our work, including personal and professional programmes.

As far as we know, Spectrum is the largest and most established practice in the world committed specifically to the development of humanistic psychology. As well as being a model for many organisations and centres, Spectrum has influenced the work of thousands of professionals in the field of health, counselling and psychotherapy. We are known for our tenacious pioneering spirit in the development of experiential approaches to therapy, standards of practice, ethics and continued professional development.

How Spectrum works

Spectrum was founded in 1976. Originally we formed Spectrum out of our desire to work together and not be isolated as professionals. The reason Spectrum is here today is because we still value working as a team and believe that people who work together are stronger, more effective and more resourceful. 

Spectrum is a centre which blends areas of expertise to create a unique opportunity for people to grow personally and professionally. In the process of creating a centre, we have also created a community. This community is more than a social organisation: it is an attitude and an experience; it is a statement that people matter and that they work best together for the benefit of the individual and the group as a whole, with both serving the interests and the growth of the other.


A further eighteen Spectrum-trained psychotherapy practitioners and three formative health practitioners also practice in the building making a major contribution to the work, energy and day-to-day running of Spectrum.

Personal and professional development

The personal and professional development programmes on this website, and the psychotherapy we provide, emerge out of our personal search to bring about a deeper, more meaningful experience in our everyday lives. Our commitment is to continue creating a caring and informative environment that enables people to manage themselves and their relationships in new and more fulfilling ways.

Ethical values

Spectrum is committed to a policy of participation and involvement without prejudice as to gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or background.  In addition, through our low-cost programme, we offer counselling and psychotherapy to people.

As a psychotherapy practice with an on-going professional development programme we recognise the injustice that black and ethnic minority communities continue to experience in our society and the trauma caused by racism.

We do not expect to leave it to members of the BAME community alone to draw attention to racism or expect them to educate a predominantly white therapeutic sector in what action needs to be taken, we believe we must all participate together in ending systemic discrimination.

Spectrum are committed to ending racism and discrimination throughout our therapy practice, through supervision and through our continuing professional development.  We continuously examine our own attitudes, beliefs and actions and challenge these in ourselves and in others.  We strive to align ourselves as allies to work for change against discrimination of all kinds.

We recognise that systemic discrimination requires positive action towards change and endorse the UKCP bursary scheme intended to widen participation in Therapy Training.

Support for businesses and organisations

Spectrum offers a number of programmes to organisations in the voluntary, private and public sectors. We provide anger management programmes for workforces, conduct team-building workshops for organisations, provide clinical supervision for groups of counsellors in various fields, and offer redundancy counselling for individuals from public and private firms.

Spectrum’s profile has been raised through various television, radio and video productions. Books and articles by staff members have been published both nationally and internationally.

Spectrum’s work

This website covers most of the work that takes place at our centre, which can be found in the personal and professional development sections, events calendar and news section. Importantly, we are available in person as well as online, and we invite you to drop in during office hours or attend an open house event to meet with us in person and get acquainted with our work.

Complaints procedure

If you have a complaint about our services, please contact the Spectrum office to inform us. If you require a copy of our complaints procedure, please also request this from the Spectrum office.

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About Spectrum