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Judy Hargreaves

Spectrum Associate Practitioner

Judy has created and developed a family and parenting programme for over twenty-five years and works with children, parents, families, couples and individuals, practising as a Spectrum accredited UKCP registered psychotherapist in North and West London.  She supervises and trains professionals who work with children, parents and families and has created a programme to teach the shamanic process of journeying.


Judy studied and taught at the Froebel Institute and has twenty years of innovative experience working in London primary schools.  Judy's work is significantly shaped by her family therapy training with Virginia Satir in 1986 and 1988, by her six years training with the Spectrum/Miami Gestalt Institute, fourteen years formative psychology studies and eleven years of shamanic training.  Leading the women's basic sexuality groups, the working with anger workshops, membership of the Spectrum Incest Intervention Project and working as a Spectrum core staff member have been major influences in her professional life.

How Judy works

In the sixties and seventies Jean Piaget's constructivist philosophy was a major influence on how Judy witnessed and engaged in the learning process.  Virginia Satir's work on the family and the deeply experiential work with Spectrum were other layers forming Judy's work.  More recently these layers have been integrated and further shaped by her shamanic training with the Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies (FIOS).

Her family work includes parnetal coaching; a coaching process, formed and honed by being a parent and grandparent and of building an internal supervisor into the lives of parents.  Her exploration of family patterns has developed to offer shamanic soul retrieval to individuals.

Judy Hargreaves

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Judy Hargreaves
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