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Debbi Burch

Spectrum practitioner

Debbi has had a therapy practice at Spectrum since 1997 and in Aldbourne, Wiltshire since 2005.  She is an accredited psychotherapist with the BACP.  She runs weekend Working with Anger workshops and on-going groups as well as working with couples and individuals.


Debbi was a software developer after gaining a degree in Maori and educational psychology in her native New Zealand. She co-led dialogue groups in maximum-security prisons for four years while training as a therapist in the 1990's. So she naturally brings an enquiring mind to her work, particularly in relation to the formative nature of human development.

She has been involved with Mondo Zen since 2011, which supports - alongside her passion for development - Debbi's unshakeable faith in the essential acceptability of life as it is.

How Debbi works

Alongside Debbi’s continuing training at Spectrum of over twenty years, she has been influenced by the Emotional Health work of former psychiatrist Bob Johnson, by the work of physicist David Bohm and by the Integral map of human territory envisioned by philosopher Ken Wilber. She has attended Integral Spiritual Experience in California and regularly attends Mondo Zen seven day retreat in the UK, Amsterdam and USA. She is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing(EMDR), a protocol for working with trauma. All these influences are integrated into Debbi's primary perspective as a humanistic therapist specialising in formative psychology. 

Debbi Burch

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