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Emma Marlin

Spectrum Practitioner
Emma Marlin trained at Spectrum and is a graduate of the Spectrum Counselling and Psychotherapy training programme. She is a fully registered member of the British Council for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Emma works with individuals, couples and teenagers.

How Emma Works
Emma sees therapy as a practical, collaborative and conversational process. She invites you to join her in the detective work of figuring out how you came to be where you are and how to manage your everyday experience in a more satisfying way. She wholeheartedly believes that when we have the tools and awareness we need to influence our understanding of our inner world, we are free from the 'story' and the repeating patterns of our life and able to shape how we are in the world in a more satisfying way.

Before training as a psychotherapist Emma spent over 20 years writing for magazines and newspapers including Cosmopolitan, Red, Marie Claire, Redbook and The Sunday Times. She worked as an Agony Aunt for nearly 15 years for Woman's Own, Sugar and More! magazines where she campaigned for better education around young people’s sexual and mental health education.  Emma brings her passion for young people’s wellbeing to her work at Spectrum where she supports teenagers and young adults to gain a practical toolbox to manage their ongoing emotional health.


Emma Marlin

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