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Lora Wignall

Spectrum practitioner

Lora is a Spectrum-accredited psychotherapist, registered with the UKCP. She has a psychotherapy practice at Spectrum working with individuals, couples and groups.

One of Lora’s primary interests is parenting and she has run groups for parents in her local community and within primary and secondary schools since 1997. She also works with parents, individually and in couples, to explore and develop skills to support parenting and family life.


Born in Australia, Lora became involved in personal development work during the 1980s. She participated in different therapeutic movements in the UK and India. A sense of community has always been important in her life and is a strong part of what attracted her to Spectrum in 1992. Lora completed the psychotherapy training at Spectrum and began practising in 2001. She is in the Spectrum continued education programme and is a member of the Spectrum sexuality team and the referral team.

How Lora works

Lora runs the women’s basic sexuality group which was created by Jenner Roth. It offers a profound and intimate experience and is Spectrum’s longest running programme. She studies formative psychology with Terry Cooper and draws on Gestalt therapy and formative psychology in her work.

Lora believes that the relationship between the client and therapist is fundamental in the therapeutic process and forms the crucible in which change can take place.

Lora Wignall

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Lora Wignall
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