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Maggie McKenzie


Maggie joined Terry Cooper and Jenner Roth as a director of Spectrum in 1986.  She is a Spectrum accredited, UKCP registered psychotherapist.  Maggie plays a significant role in professional development work and is the director of the training programme at Spectrum.  She also directs the specialised personal development programmes in sexuality and anger, as well as running her practice.


Maggie's original training and work was as a physiotherapist primarily in acute care settings.  She then worked with dancers and physical theatre performers and taught anatomy and physiology programmes in alternative medicine colleges.  Maggie has trained with Marty Fromm in gestalt therapy and studied formative psychology with its creator Stanley Keleman in Europe and in California at the Center of Energetic Studies.  She is a member of the international formative pschology community and its professional supervision and study group.

How Maggie works

Maggie's extensive knowledge of the body lends particular skills to her pschotherapy practice with individuals, couples, groups and supervision in which her focus is primarily on how we embody and influence our experience.

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