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Roz Pendlebury

Spectrum practitioner

Roz is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and an executive coach. She has a clear, insightful style and brings honesty and directness to her work along with intuition and compassion. At Spectrum, Roz works with individuals and couples and runs an executive coaching group Work!.


Roz has been working as a psychotherapist and executive coach since 1993, having trained at Spectrum in individual, couples and group work. Prior to this, Roz worked for 20 years as a senior manager, chief executive and chair in a variety of organisations and brings her experience and fascination with personal and organisational management and change to her work in the present.

She now works in private practice at Spectrum and in south east London as well as in companies throughout London. She is chair of the Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum and a member of Pink Therapy.

Roz’s passion and commitment to being in relationship with others in partnerships and in communities, contributes to and inspires her work and her particular interest in working with couples and relationship issues.

How Roz works

The focus of Roz’s work is on how you are living your life now and how you can use therapy to feel more satisfied. She uses her skills, insight and experience to help explore and achieve your goals rather than fitting your issues into a predetermined theory.

Roz works with all the issues which emerge in individual and couples psychotherapy and coaching. She specialises in longer term holistic work to explore and deepen personal satisfaction and potential, but also provides short term psychotherapy and coaching where appropriate.She works face-to-face and is also experienced at working by telephone and skype with clients all over the world.

Roz Pendlebury

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