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Sally Forster

Spectrum practitioner

Sally first came to Spectrum in 1996 when she joined the Spectrum Incest Intervention Project as a Volunteer. The project investigated the efficacy of  humanistic therapy for people wanting therapy who had been sexually abused. The report can be found here(Link). She works with couples and individuals, as an executive coach and as a supervisor to counselors, psychotherapists and other professionals working with people. She worked in Islington in private Practice until the end of 2013 and now works at Spectrum as well as on Gray’s Inn Rd and at Yafford on the Isle of Wight. Sally is a UKCP registered Psychotherapist, BACP accredited and on the UKCP register of Supervisors.

Sally was drawn to psychotherapy on becoming a parent and while working as a volunteer with new mothers who were struggling. She was fascinated by the interplay of nature and nurture in the development of human beings and very aware of the way in which our intimate relationships, with our partners and children in particular, can overwhelm our own coping mechanisms. Having completed the Psychotherapy training at the Minster Centre, Sally joined the Spectrum Postgraduate Program, attracted by the incest intervention project and the close links between Spectrum and Stanley Keleman, the founder of Formative Psychology. Sally has studied in Europe with Stanley and formative thinking provides the foundation of her work, her couples training was at Spectrum with Terry Cooper and Paul Allsop and she has a Supervision Diploma from the Gestalt Centre where she studied with Gaie Huston.

How Sally works
The foundation of Sally’s work is the belief that a safe and confidential space to talk with someone who will really listen, without judgment, where we can explore who we are and how we relate to ourselves and others, gives us the potential to transform our lives. Within that framework Sally is influenced by all schools of Psychotherapy and by the increasingly relevant developments in neuroscience. Understanding where we have come from can help us to be compassionate towards ourselves. To choose where we are going we need to know who we are now, how we are in the world and what choices we are currently making. Attention to detail in the present moment is the key to forming our future.

Sally Forster

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