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Sophie Waterhouse

Spectrum practitioner

Sophie is a humanistic psychotherapist working with individuals, couples and groups. She first came to Spectrum for her own personal development work in 1993. She then moved to live, work and study abroad. She completed a three-year masters training in counselling psychology with a concentration in expressive arts therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco before returning to London and Spectrum where she has continued her personal and professional development and training since 2007. She has worked in private practice since 2008 and joined Spectrum as a practitioner in 2013. She is accredited with BACP.


Before becoming a psychotherapist Sophie trained in film production. She lived in Greece for five years, a place and culture that continue to inspire her, where she started writing and then worked in the film industry in Los Angeles focusing on script development.

A recurring theme in the work Sophie has engaged in is the way in which we use stories to make sense of our experience. Another layer of that theme has been exploring how being in environments different to the one we grew up in can help us to access and grow parts of ourselves we may not previously have been aware of. It can help us develop new stories. Whether we choose literally to voyage overseas or to explore new territory closer to home, being exposed to different ways of being can transform how we are in the world. Therapy is a type of journey, with the therapist acting as companion traveller and guide presenting different possibilities for how clients can engage with themselves and with life.

How Sophie works

Sophie’s work is rooted in the principles of humanistic psychotherapy. These include the core belief that while we all face challenges, we also all can develop the internal resources to deal with them. Positive change is possible and as human beings we have the ability to grow, to develop ourselves and to fulfil more of our potential. Developing awareness about ourselves creates the possibility of change and gives us more choice: we can decide whether existing attitudes and behaviours work for us or not, we can affirm and strengthen those that do and explore alternative approaches to those that do not.

Sophie’s theoretical frames of reference include gestalt and formative psychology. In addition to offering talk therapy, she draws on her integrative training in the therapeutic use of the arts to incorporate visual arts, drama, poetry, creative writing and sandplay techniques where useful.

Sophie Waterhouse

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