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Terry Cooper

Spectrum Founder Director

Terry is a founding director of Spectrum and a registered psychotherapist with the UKCP.  He is the director of development at Spectrum and manages the oranisation with his two co-directors Jenner Roth and Maggie McKenzie.  Terry is a senior trainer, supervisor and mentor to counsellors and therapists in training, established therapists and people working in human resources and management. He specialises in teaching formative psychology in London and Bath and has an individual and group psychotherapy practice at Spectrum.


Since 1969 Terry has lived, trained and worked in a variety of therapeutic settings.  He trained as a residential group therapist with Hampshire Social Services specialising in drug addiction.  He worked in therapuetic communities for the Social Services for eight years, two of which were as a director of Alpha House, a drug free residential therapeutic community funded by the Home Office.  During his time in Hampshire, Terry also led weekly psychotherapy groups in top security prisons in the Isle of Wight.  Terry's in-service training involved a one year course at the Institute for Group Analysis (IGA) and extensive training modules in group dynamics and group process.

His further training and studies include gestalt therapy, psychosynthesis, and formative psychology.  Since the early 1970's Terry has studied formative psychology with Stanley Keleman the originiator of formative psychology, at the Center for Energetic Studies in Berkeley, California.

Formative psychology remains Terry's main focus of professional study, his theoretical frame of reference and forms the basis of his therapeutic work.  Terry is a member of the international formative psychology community and its professional supervision and study group.  As well as teaching formative psychology through workshops and classes, Terry has three areas of specialisation: working with couples, working with men and working with dreams.

Terry Cooper

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