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About our couples programme

The couples programme has run for over four decades, drawing on clinical experience and ongoing development in the area of intimate relationships. Spectrum’s couples work seeks to identify and respond to obstacles that get in the way of satisfying contact and communication for couples.

We offer a full programme, covering private couples therapy, on-going couples groups, residential workshops for couples, intimate relationship skills classes and themed events.

Relationship facilitation

Relationships are always in a state of flux and the process requires new behaviours in response to change taking place.  Our goal is to help couples form a basis for relating through cooperation, caring behaviours, understanding, respect, tolerance, resilience, thoughtfulness and a willingness to communicate truthfully. We facilitate difficult conversations between two individuals, teaching practical skills to help manage change and solve problems.

We can arrange for you to have a conversation or a consultation with one of our couples therapists within a few working days. Please contact the Spectrum office. All couples therapy takes place at our practice in North London.

The couples programme is under the direction of Terry Cooper.

Visit the resources section to read about Explorations in intimacy.

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About our couples programme