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About our families programme

Spectrum’s family work involves working with the whole or parts of the current family or the family of origin, as well as parental coaching and dialogue. It provides a safe forum for family members to have their experience of living in the family heard and witnessed. Through this process, more family members have more of what they want more of the time.

Family work may involve psycho-education and skills teaching, the exploration of trans-generational patterns and their impact in the current family, together with the acknowledgement of each person’s choices and needs. It may include rituals to move forward from a stuckness, imbalance or change in the family system, such as birth, death and important transitions requiring special care and attention. This is a compassionate process which enhances self-esteem and encourages growth, healing, learning and change for all who participate.

Family sessions usually take a minimum of an hour and a half and are held at our practice in North London.

The family programme is under the direction of Judy Hargreaves.

About our families programme