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Individuals and groups

About Individual therapy

Individual work primarily emphasises an intrapersonal focus; an exploration of my relationship to myself. Through one-to-one contact, we also learn a lot about how we enter a relationship and how we organise our thinking and feeling to be in a relationship. There is also space to reflect on how we have handled other one-to-one relationships in the past.

One of the most common statements people make about their time in individual therapy is how important it is to have somebody there for them over time and on a regular basis. This is an important experience to have and in itself can have a positive influence on our self-esteem and confidence. Some people feel that the issues they want to talk about in therapy are too sensitive to talk about in a group situation. If this is how you feel then it is probably a good indication that individual work is appropriate. In individual therapy, while each session is usually one hour, probably meeting once a week, the frequency and length of therapy is decided by the therapist and client together.

Brief therapy

Individual work is offered as both brief and long term psychotherapy to take into account different needs. Brief therapy focuses on specific issues within a contracted number of sessions. The number of sessions may, of course, be re-negotiated as necessary. Brief therapy may also work for those people who have logistical problems for which short contracted periods of personal work may be the answer.

Long term therapy

Long term psychotherapy involves a different commitment, both in terms of time and a deeper exploration of our relationship to ourself. All of our therapists have regular review discussions with their clients to look at how the work and therapeutic relationship is progressing. This ongoing review also helps to contain the work and give it shape.

Sometimes people feel they want to participate in group work as well as working individually. This combination can be very useful as groups often provide material that can be worked on in individual therapy and vice versa.

Please go to on-going groups for information about group therapy.

All individual and group therapy takes place at our practice in North London.

Individuals and groups