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About on-going groups

Group therapy

Groups offer participants an opportunity to come out of isolation with their issues and to share and compare their experience with others. They also provide an excellent forum for receiving feedback about our interpersonal behaviour, how we are seen and perceived by others, as well as how we see and perceive others. The degree of emphasis placed on interpersonal work varies from one group to the next in relation to the theme of the group and the therapist’s style of working.

Groups operate on an ‘us’ level of awareness and emphasise learning with others.

Groups offer learning at many levels and on many subjects.  In general, they provide an opportunity for us to experience how we interact with others and become a focal point for studying ways in which we form relationships and manage ourselves.  The emphasis in groups is ‘learning through experience’, using the group as a resource for solving personal problems and developing an understanding of our own behaviours and the behaviours of others.  Groups also offer the opportunity to learn a set of skills for influencing communication and the way we are present in the larger society, in intimate relationships, and with families and friends. The integration of learning into our day-to-day lives adds value and dimension to the therapeutic process.


The positive outcome of any group is directly related to the stability of membership through attendance. Because of this we ask that you only do workshops at a time when you will not be distracted by holidays or any other commitments. All personal development work which is held at Spectrum, North London, is treated confidentially and we ask that all group participants also maintain this boundary.

Choosing a group

If you do not already know the person who is leading the group, we suggest you have a conversation with them to get information regarding the specific purpose of the group, how it functions and what the terms and conditions exist for attending.

If you are unsure whether being in a group is appropriate for you or would like further information, please contact Jo at the Spectrum office to arrange for one of our group therapists to contact you.

If you would like more information about a group, please call the group leader at Spectrum. If you would like to talk about which group would suit your needs best, we will be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate person.

We offer three different group formats:

Workshops that are time limited, have a theme and range from a one day event to one or more terms of day time or evening meetings.

On-going groups continue over time and often require a minimum commitment of several terms or an agreement of one term’s notice.

About on-going groups