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Dreams and the Body

A dream is more than a sequence of images. It is alive, a bodied experience, and from its conception it is in a constant process of evolution. When a person tells a dream there are actions, gestures, patterns of behaviour, expressions of feeling and emotional states that each tell their own story.

In the dream group, we work experientially to deepen the dreamer's relationship to the dream and to themselves. Through working with gestures and the different shapes the body organises as its language, we develop a dialogue between two worlds: who we are and what we are in the process of forming. In this way each dream is a metamorphosis.

About the group

This on-going dream group meets two Tuesday mornings each month from 9.30am-12 noon.  The group is limited to eight participants and a minimum commitment of three terms is a requirement to join.

The group leader is Terry Cooper.

If you are interested in applying for the group, please enquire online or contact Terry through the Spectrum office.


Download a PDF about the dreams and the body group
Dreams and the Body