Spectrum Therapy

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Personal workshops

Spectrum runs an extensive range of workshops which are all held at our practice in North London.

Workshops are time limited, have a theme and range from a one-day event to one or more terms of day-time or evening meetings.


The positive outcome of any group is directly related to the stability of membership through attendance. Because of this we ask that you only do workshops at a time when you will not be distracted by holidays or any other commitments. All personal development work at Spectrum is treated confidentially and we ask that all group participants also maintain this boundary.

Choosing a group

If you do not already know the person who is leading the group, we suggest you have a conversation with them to get information regarding the specific purpose of the group, how it functions and what the terms and conditions exist for attending.

Within the Spectrum team we have therapists who specialise in particular areas: working with families, parents, children and young adults; sexual development; communication skills; men’s work; women’s work; working with anger; dream work; and formative psychology.