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Ins and Outs of Anger - A Personal Growth Workshop

For some of us feelings of anger are repetitive and act as a self-defence. Often we become defended all too quickly and inappropriately, particularly when our feelings are not met or responded to. Through expressing anger we attempt to generate pseudo-strength, an illusion of control over our world. But it is possible to disorganise our habitual responses and transform the passion and energy of anger into alternative responses.

The workshop explores emotional layering and in particular our experience of anger. It looks into and beyond anger and works with the unexpressed, underlying experiences. 

The focus of the workshop will be on relationships, containment of anger, and transformation of angry behaviours, how we behave and define ourselves in relation to our feelings of vulnerability and learning to communicate our inner experience in a satisfying way. The work involves personal sharing, anger rituals and other responsible forms of expression, somatic exercises, visualisation, drawing and role playing.

The workshop is limited to ten participants. Maggie recommends that you have some experience of working with anger prior to your participation in this group.

The workshop leader is Maggie McKenzie.

Dates coming soon.

If you are interested in applying, please enquire online or through the Spectrum office.

Download a PDF about the ins and out of anger workshop