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The Call of the Wild

This is a 7-day journey through Wild African Bush where lion, leopard, elephant and rhino roam free, eagles glide and vultures circle.

As the animals roam free, so do we. Unconstrained by walls or fences we live on the land, sleep under a blanket of stars in the maginificent African sky, bathe in the river, and cook on a wood fire.

It is also a journey into ourselves, a re-discovery of our own wild nature, a re-awakening of long dormant senses, of instincts, of innate knowledge of how to be.  Civilisation gives us much, but it also costs us more than we realise.  Modern life separates us from much of our human heritage, as it cushions us from basic issues of our existence.

This experience gives a toally different perspective on life - 7 days in a natural environment with no technology - no electricity, phones, television, computers, email, music machines or watches.  Our rhythms become those of the sun and moon.  We feel ourselves as never before as we take in food for our senses, feel the wind, hear the animals and birds, feel the stirring of dawn, and the stillness of sunset, as we watch the changing light and prepare ourselves for a different phase of the day.  Everywhere are the rhythms, cycles and pulsations of natural life - including in our own selves.

As we journey in the wild, the wild in ourselves may also emerge.

After the trail a 3-day workshop helps us to deepen, and make meaning, of the experiences of the trail.  The experience can be profound, but how do we deal with the difference?  How do we keep and use the gifts of the bush back in our concrete jungles?  How do we use the wild within to enrich our own lives?

The trail is led by guides from the Wilderness Leadership School, some of the most experienced guides currently working in Southern Africa, with deep understanding of life in the wild, and an impeccable safety record.  The workshop and follow-up will be led by Mike Wibberley.  Mike has been a psychotherapist and group leader for over 25 years.  As well as maintaining a practice at Spectrum, Mike has run many workshops, including over 50 marathon groups, and on-going groups.  Mike also works in the business sector and has run numerous leadership, team and personal development workshops in companies.  Mike has spent more than a hundered days and nights in African Wilderness.

Dates for 2019

Pre-Trail meeting: Thursday, September 26, 7-9.30pm.

Trail/workshop: October 14-24, 2019.

Post-Trail meeting: Friday, November 22, 7-9.30pm

Cost: £1,895 (not including flights).

For further information and details please contact Mike Wibberley, 01908 675339 or email mike.wibberley@virgin.net.


The Call of the Wild