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Continued professional development

Spectrum has been built on relational values. We take every opportunity to integrate personal learning from training sessions into relationship skills, which shape how people grow and manage themselves over time, both personally and professionally.

From the first contact we have with people who are exploring training with us, we hold a long term view of their professional development. We know that ultimately, the people we train will be sitting down with clients and will need to know how to talk, how to make a connection, how to build an alliance and how to form a relationship which has therapeutic and developmental value. We want them to know how to build rapport and be comfortable having difficult and challenging conversations.

To build confidence at a relational level and maximise developing relationship skills, we organise our training into groups of peers. This means that trainees will be with the same group throughout their training, into the continued professional development programme and throughout establishing a practice.

CPD events

At present we have 21 continued professional development (CPD) groups which meet for two days a term twice a year with their home group and once a year together with the whole professional community for a three day conference.

In the two day workshops, there are discussions, open groups, clinical practice sessions and presentations of new material.

The three day annual conference, known as ‘the winter workshop’, has become an important part of our development as a professional community. It is an opportunity for all members of the Spectrum community to meet together in one place. It provides connection, networking, time to celebrate new groups joining the programme and allows for the community to explore a range of therapeutic issues. It also provides time for large group discussions about what is happening within the organisation and what is happening in the psychotherapy field in general. Papers from past winter workshops can be viewed here.

Evolving CPD

We hold an evolutionary view of people’s development and therefore, when appropriate, we accept people who have trained with us, to work as practitioners within the Spectrum practice and later to assume roles of responsibility within the organisation.

This is possible because we are relational and developmental in our perspective, continuously discussing and dealing with the complexities of roles and transitions in life. We live in a complex world and we believe that people who have trained should be able to manage this complexity and have the skill to differentiate boundaries from one situation to another and from one relationship to another. We mention this here because writing about the continued professional development programme and long term relationships offers us the possibility of creating a picture of the organisation from the earliest connection and how that might develop over time.

To join our CPD programme

We are happy to welcome people who have trained in other organisations into our CPD programme. If this is something you are considering and would like to have a conversation about, please contact Jenner Roth.

Spectrum's professional community

Two thirds of the members of our professional community chose to complete training to become registered counselors or psychotherapists. The other third trained with us out of personal or professional interest or to support a related profession. On these pages you will find osteopaths, acupuncturists, doctors, birthing experts, lawyers, teachers, social workers, managers, business owners, researchers, consultants, social administrators, healers, volunteer workers and mature adults who share an interest in human growth and development. All are committed members of our CPD programme.

It has always been Spectrum’s policy to have a heterogeneous membership in our training courses. This professional diversity encourages a broad perspective on people and how we function in a multiplicity of different contexts and environments. From the beginning, Spectrum has focussed on how psychotherapeutic thinking and techniques can be widely applied and integrated in practical ways into the larger community. The structure of our CPD programme reflects these values.

Words from one of our CPD members

Below is a message written by Sally Foster who trained at and was accredited by another organisation before joining our CPD programme. Sally is a psychotherapist in private practice in North London. She provides individual therapy, couples work and professional supervision. Sally is happy to talk to you about CPD and you can email Sally to discuss our CPD programme.

“I discovered the Spectrum continued professional development programme and the power of formative psychology while I was still completing my training at another centre.  The beauty of formative psychology for me was the power the practice gave me over my own learned responses to the world. I moved my own supervision as a practitioner to Spectrum as soon as I had completed my UKCP registration as I wanted to be part of a professional community with which to continue my development both personally and professionally.

I joined the Spectrum ongoing postgraduate programme in 2002 and really cherish belonging to a community where I can give and receive honest, supportive feedback and where my identity as a practitioner is integral to my identity as a person.”

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Continued professional development