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About our professional courses

The professional development programme has short-term and long-term training courses, and offers supervision and training at many levels. Unless stated, all of our courses are open to practising and developing professionals as well as people who want training in humanistic psychotherapy.

Experiential and theoretical learning

All of our professional trainings and courses are experiential as well as theoretical in content. They require participation at a personal level. This is to enable participants to gain felt knowledge of our work and because we believe that it is important to be in touch with our personal development as part of continuing professional development. For this reason we also recommend many of the workshops in our personal development section to explore particular areas of interest or specialisation.

On-going education

Spectrum has been a pioneer in requiring and providing on-going education for our own accredited therapists and many of our courses are excellent for other therapists and professionals looking to join a continued professional development community. Our professional courses qualify for career development loans and all our professional courses offer continued education credit.

If you are new to Spectrum and are considering participating in any of the long-term courses or entering supervision, we suggest you participate in a workshop in either our personal or professional programme to experience our work and see if it is what you are looking for. If you would like more information regarding our training please contact Maggie McKenzie, director of training and professional development.

About our professional courses