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About formative psychology

Formative psychology is humanistic and evolutionary in orientation; its central principle is that the body is the basis for knowing ourselves and learning to use formative principles for making and managing change. It is a somatic educational approach for working with ourselves and solving personal problems and is concerned with how we use ourselves to influence excessive reactions and to form a personal voluntary formed present and future.

Formative psychology is the life work of Stanley Keleman and is trademarked. He is the originator of formative psychology and a pioneer in the study of the body and its connection to emotional, psychological, sexual and imaginative aspects of human experience. Stanley is one of the most respected figures in the world of body psychotherapy.  

Formative psychology at Spectrum

For over thirty-five years we have been part of the forming of formative psychology and it has been a major influence upon our work at Spectrum. Over this time, Stanley has given workshops and led on-going study and professional education groups for Spectrum.

The formative psychology classes and workshops in this programme are offered by participants of the formative psychology community who are active members of the international class for professionals organised and taught by Stanley Keleman.

Formative psychology for professionals

All of the formative classes and workshops in this programme are open to professionals who want to experience the formative work for themselves as a basis for communicating it to their clients.  In the professional formative psychology workshops we focus on the theory and use of formative psychology in practice.

The central concern of formative psychology is how we live a bodied life and how we can voluntarily influence muscular patterns which give shape to experience and behaviour.

The therapeutic methodology for working with somatic structure is referred to as the bodying practice.  The bodying practice is an experiential exercise protocol which uses voluntary muscular cortical effort to regulate the bodies reflexes as well as influence and shape emotional patterns of behaviour.

The formative psychology programme at Spectrum is under the direction of Terry Cooper.

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About formative psychology