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About supervision

Supervision is an essential element in maintaining an ethical and balanced practice and an important part of continued professional development.

Supervision has many functions, but is primarily the therapist’s most consistent way of connecting to another about their work. This is important for everyone who is working with people, but particularly for those working in isolation who are not in regular on-going contact with professional colleagues.

Supervision helps the helper to reduce stress. It provides a space for confidential conversations to take place: about how they are developing and managing their work life; how they are taking care of themselves; how they are managing specific relational difficulties with clients; and how to formulate a therapeutic plan. Most importantly, it is a place to reflect on professional issues and maintain appropriate perspectives.

We suggest a combination of individual and group supervision, when possible. All of the Spectrum core staff members and some of the Spectrum practitioners offer supervision. For further information please refer to individual biographies. If there are logistical and geographical challenges which make it difficult to attend in person, we offer telephone and skype supervision to known professionals.

To enquire about supervision or joining the supervision groups, please contact us.

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About supervision