Spectrum Therapy

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Living with physical illness, be it acute or chronic, can compromise a person’s sense of psychological and emotional well-being. It is widely accepted that ill health is commonly accompanied by feelings of anxiety, stress, despair, denial, isolation and even suicidal ideation. Sometimes, illness or living with a disability, impacts negatively upon many aspects of a person’s life; how they feel about themselves, how they function in the workplace and the likelihood of placing a strain on their relationships. Likewise, the manifestation of psychosomatic symptoms may be equally debilitating.

The psychotherapy provided at Spectrum makes a valuable contribution in helping a patient manage the way they respond to their condition. It also teaches methods for relieving psychological stress and provides support by encouraging them to talk about their experience and process how they are feeling. Moreover, therapy assists in managing change, loss and transition. Our goal is to explore how a person is able to influence their somatic emotional state and empower them to do what they can to help themselves.

If, as a medical professional, you consider that our work may support any of your patients, or indeed your own work, please call 020 8341 2277 to discuss how we can help. We hold open day events from our practice in north London to introduce medical and legal professionals to our work.